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Making the most of CARES Act Funding for Schools – EdTech for Special Education

Ensuring instruction and services are provided for all students, and maintaining documentation of these services, is on the forefront of all our minds, and it’s not too late to investigate new platforms to support these efforts.

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Virtual Special Education Services: Tips & Tools for Success

COVID-19 has brought many questions to educators across the nation, especially those servicing students with disabilities and special needs. It has been made clear by the Department of Education that the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) requirement of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) must continue to be honored, even with schools conducting virtual learning in the fall.

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4 Tips for Effective Remote Special Education Services

Structure, consistency and routines are key for students with disabilities not only in traditional school environment but also in the virtual or non-traditional environment.  Providing consistent and routine special education services will help to provide the support students need in order to continue to progress and continue learning.

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Virtual PLCs – Staying Connected with Your Team

Whether face to face or online, PLCs are extremely beneficial as they help us maintain a focus on increasing student achievement, provide opportunities to analyze data, add strategies and resources to our pedagogical toolbox, and share information about what is and isn’t working, all in a safe collaborative setting.

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