COVID-19 has brought many questions to educators across the nation, especially those servicing students with disabilities and special needs. It has been made clear by the Department of Education that the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) requirement of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) must continue to be honored, even with schools conducting virtual learning in the fall. For more information see the following article: Secretary DeVos Reiterates that Learning Must Continue for All Students

This has lead to many special education teachers having to provide accommodations, modifications, and specialized instruction virtually when they have very little past experience doing so. It is no question that our special education teachers will do whatever is necessary and best for their students, but in some cases, it has come down to a lack of knowledge and adequate resources for supporting students with IEPs via virtual learning. In order to assist teachers during this unprecedented time, The National Center for Learning Disabilities has put together a page of COVID-19 Educator Resources to support educators with virtual learning, and  Athlos is promoting two webinars on the topic: Special Education, Compensatory Services, COVID & Beyond and Teaching Online During COVID-19.

Finally, for schools and teachers looking for a way to accurately and efficiently track services provided and student progress, check out the Athlos Special Education application. This tool can help teachers and schools easily track and monitor special education services whether instruction is taking place remotely, in person or both.