Data from across your District

Uncover important information at-a-glance in an interactive dashboard. Choose to view aggregate data from your whole district or filter by school, provider, student, groups, goals, or service areas. Administrators can quickly identify students not on track to meet their goals and explore additional services and support.

Data from across your District

Summary at-a-glance table for dashboards

Information as detailed as you need it

Information as detailed as you need it

Select a single student to see a timeline of their progress in each goal category. This detailed summary is automatically aggregated from across service providers. See what services were provided between assessments and begin to understand what elements may be contributing to the outcomes. Proactively identify and respond to trends.

“The Athlos app will remain part of Pullman’s systems long after the pandemic. We implemented it during one of the most stressful times in education history. It became a tool that we’ll keep using. It is crucial for the development and integrity of ensuring we meet the IEP.”
Cristina Johnson-Hyde

Director of Special Education Services

Split from Spreadsheets. Gain real-time visibility.

If you selected a student at random, how long would it take to get a pulse on their services, progress and attendance? Hours? Days?

It may depend on how many people provide services to the student. It will certainly depend on how each are tracking services.

Spreadsheets do not create transparency. You need real-time visibility to efficiently identify issues and provide your teachers the support they need to course correct.

If you like the dashboards, you’ll love the reporting center