Special Education Compliance Made Easy

A comprehensive solution for administrators to achieve special education compliance.

Real time access to interactive dashboards for streamlined oversight

Athlos is designed to support more efficient special education compliance, reporting, oversight, and accountability for K-12 special education directors and administrators.

Receive alerts when services are out of compliance or students’ progress is off-track. Manage due process complaints with ease.

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Ease of use is the foundation to good data & compliance

Ease of use is the foundation to good data & compliance

Our goal is to create a logging tool that’s easier for teachers to use than their spreadsheets or pen and paper. That’s what drives buy-in, which leads to good data, and a robust compliance tool.

We leave the overly-complicated ‘do it all’ systems to someone else.  We believe simple is better. Your teachers already have a full plate. The last thing they want is a burdensome technology that does everything except what they need- a way to complete admin work faster.  So, easy is what we design for.

 Special education compliance, simplified.

Teachers record service minutes and progress toward IEP goals on an easy-to-use app, which provides administrators real-time data dashboards to track and share progress with key stakeholders. Administrators can export reports that include service sessions, date, time, applicable goals, and session notes. Reports can display service session information along with progress monitoring.

Simple for Teachers, Essential for Adminstrators

 Accurate documentation of provided IEP services and progress monitoring is key for compliance. With the Athlos app, teachers can log services and progress easier than ever before, and administrators have real-time access to interactive, printable dashboards for streamlined oversight and reporting. Receive alerts when services are out of compliance or students are not making progress. Manage due process complaints with ease.


If you are looking for a tool to bring efficiency and data accountability to your Special Education Department, with even greater data dashboard functionalities for reporting and department oversight, contact us to learn about our implementation options for schools & districts.

 Import IEP Goals

Student goals can be pre-populated from your data management system through a variety of creative data importing options. No duplicate entry, no tracking data twice!

 Efficient Onboarding

We onboard new partners throughout the school year. From contract to launch, we can have your administrative team and staff onboarded in 1-2 weeks.

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