Mitigate Risk in Your Special Education Department

Proactively address FAPE with service tracking & progress monitoring in one simple app.

Log services in under a minute

With a few easy clicks providers can log services in alignment with IEP goals. Simply select students, goals, start & end times, and enter session notes. Custom templates make service logging and progress monitoring even easier.

Log services in under a minute

Mobile logging screen

Explore data from across your district

Explore data from across your district

Uncover important information at-a-glance in an interactive dashboard. Choose to view aggregate data from your whole district or use filters for more detailed information. Administrators can quickly get a pulse on students throughout their district and identify areas of celebration or concern.

I have not found a better way to ensure compliance in special education.”

“We have been able to pull full departments into compliance and increase student achievement scores because we are accurately tracking services, progress monitoring, and embedding that work in our data driven instruction cycle.”

– Darin Knicely

“It is crucial for the development and integrity of ensuring we meet the IEP.”

“The Athlos app will remain part of Pullman’s systems long after the pandemic. We implemented it during one of the most stressful times in education history. It became a tool that we’ll keep using.”

– Cristina Johnson-Hyde
Director of
Special Education Services

“It has been a great way for us to track, monitor and report. Prior to that, everything was in a spreadsheet”

“The last ten years a lot of the state complaints and legal issues have centered around compliance, and now they’re going to center around learning gains and implementing the IEP… Athlos, in my mind, is our answer for that, long-term.”

– Anna O’Connor-Morin
Director of Education and Instruction

Export student reports. Fast.

Stop spending hours aggregating service data from excel sheets, sticky pads, and hand-written notes. Get student specific reports at the touch of a button.

Export student reports. Fast.

Get confident with IEP compliance

Tell your teachers to skip the spreadsheets and put down the paper and pen.

Accurately tracking IEP services and progress monitoring is key for compliance. With Athlos, teachers can log services and progress easier than ever before, and administrators have real-time access to interactive, printable dashboards for streamlined oversight and reporting

Streamlined Data Collection

Manage student IEP goals, services, and progress records all in the same place. Choose to track by student, provider, service area, school, and more.

Dashboards & Reporting

Make data driven decisions with real-time information at your fingertips. Export reports for external stakeholders, compliance, and more.

Import IEP Goals

Students and goals are pulled from your data management system nightly to reduce duplicate entry and increase data integrity.

Syncs Across Platforms

Use the web app on desktops & laptops to track IEP goals, explore dashboards and export reports. The mobile app makes logging from phones and tablets a breeze.

Advanced Data Security

Best-in-class data storage with multi-layered security. Exportable PDF and CSV files.

Easy Set Up & Support

Get onboarded in just 2 weeks! Our straightforward approach makes training administrators and teachers efficient and effective.

Athlos Supports School Districts, Administrators, Providers & Students Nationwide

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