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Risk Management in K12 Special Education

K12 Special Education lawsuits are on the rise around the country, and Athlos built a software designed to help schools with risk management.  Our web and mobile optimized app helps teachers more efficiently track the services they are providing students and ensures administrators are able to monitor the services provided site or district wide.

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Do We Still Need Data? We’re in the Middle of a Pandemic!

Education for all students, including students with disabilities, looks very different across the nation, across states, and even within the same school districts as classes resumed for the 20-21 school year amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Some students with disabilities are returning to the classroom, in person; others, virtually. Given the interruptions during the

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Dyslexia Awareness: Digital Accomodation Tools

As we continue to support our diverse learners in brick and mortar classrooms and virtual classrooms, we must carefully consider how to partner with our students and families to support their specific disabilities. As we celebrate Dyslexia Awareness this October, let’s focus on the specific needs of our students with Dyslexia in the virtual

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The Distance Individualized Education Plan: How to Create the Best Results

Many of you have begun the 20-21 school year and your situations are truly unique. Some find yourselves teaching remotely, some back in a cohort/hybrid model, and some back in the classroom. Whatever your situation, one thing remains true: the goal is to reach learners and help them succeed within whichever scenario they find themselves.

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