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PE in 2020: Uncharted Territory

We might not know the answers to how things will go this year or even what we will have to prepare for tomorrow, next week, or next month.  But we do know the power of quality physical education and we know what that looks like. And that does not change whether we are in person, online, distanced, or anything in between.

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Think it Through: 5 Questions to Consider for Distance Learning PE

As teachers plan for or begin implementation of a distance learning approach for PE, no single answer or approach is perfect. However, thinking through the following 5 questions may help guide your perspective and planning for distance learning for students and families:  

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Virtual PLCs – Staying Connected with Your Team

Whether face to face or online, PLCs are extremely beneficial as they help us maintain a focus on increasing student achievement, provide opportunities to analyze data, add strategies and resources to our pedagogical toolbox, and share information about what is and isn’t working, all in a safe collaborative setting.

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