Many of you have begun the 20-21 school year and your situations are truly unique. Some find yourselves teaching remotely, some back in a cohort/hybrid model, and some back in the classroom. Whatever your situation, one thing remains true: the goal is to reach learners and help them succeed within whichever scenario they find themselves. In order to do so, we recognize how important a strong Individualized Education Plan is, especially with remote learning.

In their article, How to Create the Best IEP and IEP Results…Even from a Distance, the Council for Exceptional Children offers insight into IEPs done well during remote learning.

EdWeek has also chimed in with virtual Individualized Education Plan advice in their article, Virtual IEP Meetings a 6-Step Guide for Parents and Teachers.

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We hope these resources help as you prepare for virtual IEP meetings this year! Don’t forget to check out the Athlos Special Education app for more efficient, paperless documentation of IEP services and goal progress. Click below to learn more!

Individualized Education Plan from a Distance
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More About How Athlos Special Education App Supports IEP Compliance

Special education teachers and service providers are required to track progress on Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives. They must also ensure they are providing the appropriate amount of service time as indicated in a student’s IEP.

Athlos understands this can be a difficult and time-consuming task for service providers, and a tracking, progress monitoring, and reporting challenge for administrators. Our app helps make this process easier for everyone!

Designed for use by special education teachers and service providers, the Athlos app records service minutes in alignment with annual IEP goals, monitors growth and progress toward goals, and provides real-time data dashboards to help track, report and share progress with key stakeholders.

Athlos helps make the required work of documenting and reporting services for students as well as progress monitoring simpler, more efficient, and easier to communicate!

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