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Active Schools Champion

Active Schools has partnered with many non- and for-profit organizations that all hope to increase opportunities for quality physical activity in schools. As part of this collective impact mission, Active Schools offers the ability of schools, teachers, parents, or administrators to join the fray by becoming an Active Schools Champion!

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The Athlos Athletic Curriculum: Where Growth Mindset and Physical Fitness Connect

The Athlos athletic curriculum is designed to help students experience success in athletic movement, grow confidence to take on new challenges, develop a growth mindset, and learn what it means to have a healthy body.

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Social Intelligence- A Crucial Skill for Success in Life

For most parents, teaching their children the “social graces” is an old school norm, a part of everyday parenting. “Social graces” is an old-fashioned idea. It was eventually replaced with the term “people skills” which has since been reinvented as social intelligence. Despite the transformation of the term, the concept remains powerful and essential to the success of an individual.

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