Virtual physical education has been nothing short of challenging. No direct contact with students, huge variety in usable space, lack of equipment, tech equity, and tech support are just a few of the struggles we have been facing with virtual PE. In many cases, these challenges have been met head on through collaboration, communication, and many, many hours of dedicated effort!

Unfortunately, many of these collaborations and efforts continually lean toward some type of “virtual group fitness class” as opposed to physical education. Moreover, that fitness is often confined to simply health-related fitness, more specifically cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength. By no means should we downplay the importance of these two aspects of fitness, however, we can all agree that there is MUCH more to physical fitness, and physical education for that matter, than virtual group fitness classes.

As is the case with most activities, there is a time and place for this approach in PE whether in person or virtual. The hope for this post, however, is to encourage physical educators to take a hard look at their virtual lessons and take a little inventory…

Now that we have taken some inventory, we can glean some very important information when thinking about future virtual lessons. It is an understatement to say that the current PE landscape is a challenge. BUT, we must remember that relying solely on health related fitness and providing a continual “fitness class” approach isn’t something we’d do in person and therefore isn’t what we should do virtually.

When in person, we know how important it is to find novel, fun, and challenging activities for the students we serve. At times, that is difficult, but we find a way…We certainly can do the same in this setting. Opportunities for meaningful movement for the holistic development of young people, that’s what we have done and should continue to do!

Be on the lookout for future posts about ideas and concepts for virtual PE. In the meantime, check out our guest blog post as educators reflect on their virtual experiences and take a look at how the Athlos Movement & Character Program can support you and your PE program through virtual, hybrid, or in person PE!