K12 Special Education lawsuits are on the rise around the country, and Athlos built a software designed to help schools with risk management.  Our web and mobile optimized app helps teachers more efficiently track the services they are providing students and ensures administrators are able to monitor the services provided site or district wide.  In addition, the data collected is exportable for reporting purposes and visualized for easy sharing with key stakeholders, such as parents. 

Athlos SPED App

The result? Better compliance in Special Education departments. Teachers and service providers can more easily do their jobs, and schools can maintain higher accountability standards to ensure all students are receiving the appropriate services. 

Want to learn more? Take a peek at the short video and description below.

Athlos Special Education Logs was designed to help special education staff more easily track service minutes and progress toward IEP goals. This, in turn, supports more efficient reporting, compliance, oversight and accountability, and risk management for directors and administrators. For a quick overview of key features, check out this short video:

Designed for use by special education teachers, service providers and special education departments, the app records service minutes and progress toward IEP goals and provides real time data dashboards to track and share progress with key stakeholders. The app is compatible with all device types and operating systems, allows for easy, streamlined data entry, and provides robust (printable and exportable) data reports.

For district purchasers, our app allows for a variety of integration options with your district IEP management system. Everything in your system (students, IEP goals, etc) will appear in the Athlos app for easy, simple and efficient tracking! No tracking data twice. Individual purchasers can utilize our web portal to quickly add a caseload of students and IEP goals to get started!

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