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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the “my account” page for individual purchasers of Athlos Special Education Logs.  If your school or district made a group purchase, please log-in to your group account here: Athlos SPED Logs – Enterprise

If you are an individual purchaser, thank you for your purchase of Athlos SPED Logs! Below you can manage your payment information for your SPED logs subscription. While you will not need to regularly access this page after activating your SPED log account, if you wish to change payment information or update your account in any way, please bookmark this page. All billing and payment are handled via the portal below.

To log in to the WebApp, please visit ATHLOS SPED LOGS. If you have not yet activated your account, please check your email for your account activation information from This email will contain the website to download the app, your activation code for the app, an onboarding video and links to our help center to get you started!

Please contact us via our ticketing center if you have any questions getting started!

If you run in to any issues, please contact us via our ticketing system.


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WebApp Access Instructions

Recommended for use on Laptops & Desktops. Must be connected to WiFi. Note – you will not be able to log in until Athlos emails you your access code.


MobileApp Download Instructions

Recommended for on-the-go use on phones and tablets. Works without WiFi. Note – you will not be able to log in until Athlos emails you your access code.

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Help Center

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Subscription Terms & Privacy Policy

Prior to purchasing Athlos SPED logs, you were prompted to read and accept the Athlos Privacy Policy and Subscription Terms.

Below are links to both for your reference.

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