What to Know About Federal Funding for Idaho Special Education Tracking Software and Services

With the recent passage of the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan, Idaho’s K-12 schoolsare poised to receive more than $400 million in assistance, far and away the largest ofthe three COVID-19-related relief acts (CARES Act, CRRSA), which together will injectalmost $700 million into schools across the state. The latest round of funds should bedistributed to LEAs within 60 days of receipt by the state, in direct proportion to Title Ifunding allocations.

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The Facts about Idaho Special Education Funding

  • In April 2021, The Idaho State Board of Education todayapproved a plan to distribute nearly $12 million in ESSERSEA reserve funds (from the CRRSA Act approved byCongress in late 2020) to over 90 school districts andcharters schools who receive little or no Title I federalfunding based on their percentage of low-incomestudents.
  • The Board also approved a motion to preliminarilydesignate 2.5 percent of the third round, the ARPESSER SEA reserve fund for schools that receive no, or alow amount of ESSER funds based on their population oflow-income students, and that the funds be appropriatedfor use in FY 2022 with carryover authority in FY 2023

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Federal, State, and Local Funding Approved Special Education Software for Idaho

Approved for use of Title I, Title II, Title IV, IDEA, ESSER, ESSER II, and ARP ESSER federal funding, the Athlos user-friendly app enhances tracking service data and progress monitoring, ensuring compliance.

“This is a stress-free, efficient way to document services, to have peace of mind knowing that you can go in at any time and know that services are being delivered, that IEPs are being followed.”  – Director of Special Services Athlos Partner District

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About the Athlos Special Education Software

Designed for use by special education teachers and service providers, the Athlos app solution is eligible for federal, state and local funding sources. By exploring these opportunities, your district or school may identify many different methods of purchasing the Athlos Special Education Service Logs App. Athlos helps make the required work of documenting and reporting services for students as well as progress monitoring simpler, more efficient, and easier to communicate.

Our mobile and web-optimized app helps teachers more efficiently track the services they are providing students and ensures administrators are able to monitor the services provided site or district-wide.

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