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Creating Your Account

Before you can create your Special Education Service Logs account, your account must first be activated. If your school has implemented Special Education Services Logs, then your account will be activated by your local school administrator. If you have ordered an individual only license of Special Education Service Logs, then someone on the Athlos team will activate your account. Once activated, you will receive a welcome email with your access code to create your account. To create your account, head over to the app on your device and select the “Create Account” button on the main login screen.

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This will bring you to a quick sign-up sheet where you will be asked to supply your access code from the email that you have received. If you do not know your access code then please contact your local SPED administrator or partnersuccess@athlos.org for assistance in getting an access code.

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After you have completed all of the required account fields, your new Special Education Service Logs account will be created, and you will be logged into the app.

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