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Sharing a Report

One of the most common ways of using the analytics section within the Special Education Service Logs application is to share your data with other key stakeholders such as parents, other service providers, the students, etc. In order to print or share your report through the application you first have to navigate to the report you are trying to share. For example if I wanted to share Britte Greenan’s reading goal detail report for an upcoming IEP meeting, I would navigate to the Student Detail page.

From there you can select the filters for the student and goal. Once selected, hide the filters by selecting the “Hide Filters” button in top left hand corner.

When ready to share your report, click the print icon in the top right-hand side of the report. Depending on your device, this will give you a variety of different options to print or share the report.

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On each device you will have some method of saving the image to your device so that you can email or print whenever you want.

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