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Analyzing Student Detail

The Special Education Service Logs application provides three different analytics reports to help visualize service and progress log data. These reports can be accessed by going to the “Analytics” section in the menu screen. Each report has a print icon in the top right-hand corner that you can click to print and or save the image to share for any purposes that you may need.

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The last report, “Student Detail” combines both service tracking and progress monitoring logs to provide a detail look into specific students and their goals. Every time you enter this report you will be required to select a specific student and goal to analyze. Once those filters have been set, you can click the button in the top left to “Hide Filters”. This report provides all of the detailed notes for each service tracking log that has been entered for that goal. It also provides the progress monitoring notes and details that were created for that student and that goal. The intention behind this report is to be used in IEP meetings whether you utilize the apps print features or if the report is pulled up in live time.

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