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Analyzing Services Overview

The Special Education Service Logs application provides three different analytics reports to help visualize service and progress log data. These reports can be accessed by going to the “Analytics” section in the menu screen. Each report has a print icon in the top right-hand corner that you can click to print and or save the image to share for any purposes that you may need.

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The first report, “Services Overview” provides several charts that provide an overall picture of all service tracking logs that you have entered in. On this report, you can track data such as total service hours provided by student, by date, and by subject area. The report is also highly interactive allowing you to dig further into the data yourself. By clicking on a specific student in the report you can see the service hours recorded by date and subject for that specific student. Similarly, if you click on a specific subject area the charts will be updated to reflect service hours in that subject area.

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