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Printing Reports

As an administrator, you will most likely be monitoring the usage of the Special Education Service Logs app very closely through the analytics reports in the administrator’s portal. Each of the reports in the analytics section has the ability to print the report so that you can email, save, bring to an IEP meeting, or use as evidence of services given.

 In order to print, navigate to the desired report in the administrator’s portal.

  • Services Overview – Report covering all service tracking logs entered through the application and making sure students are receiving adequate services.
  • Progress Overview – Report covering all progress monitoring logs entered through the application and making sure students are making adequate progress towards their goals.
  • Student Detail – A detailed combination of service tracking and progress monitoring that allows you to dive deep into a specific student and their goal.
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When ready to print your report, select the green print button in the top left-hand side of the page. This action will bring up a print dialogue that will allow you to save the file as a PDF or send to the printer. Please note that on most internet browsers you will have to allow the print setting “Background Graphics” in order to see the fill display of the reports. Your print settings should look like the below image.

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