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Adding and Activating Users

One of the abilities of the administrator in the Athlos Special Education Service Logs app is to add and remove users to their school or district. This can be done in the administrator’s portal at https://spedlogs.athlos.org.

Once logged into your administrator account, navigate to the “Users”, “View Users” page.

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This page will give you a list of all the active users that your administrator account allows you to see. Active in this context means that the users have already created their account and have not been archived.

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In order to add a new user profile to your school or district, click the blue button in the top left-hand side labeled “Add New User Profile”. This will bring you to a new page with the information required for that new user account.

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On this page you can enter all of the required fields and select the users desired level of permissions.

  • Is User Allowed to Manage IEPs? This permission allows users to create, amend, edit, and archive IEP goals directly through the app.
  • Is User Allowed to Add/Edit Students? This permission allows users to create, edit, and archive students directly through the app. If you school is setup with a SIS integration this permission should always be set to no.
  • Is User Allowed to Manage Caseload? This permission allows users to view the entire list of special education students at their school and add or remove them from their caseload.

Once all of the fields have been completed, select the blue button on bottom labeled “Add New User Profile”. It is important to note that this action will not activate that users account. This will only create a user profile for your school. With a user profile created you may now create that user’s caseload and their student groups for them before activating their account.

When ready to activate a user’s account, head back to the active user list page and select the green button on top labeled “Activate Users”.

Selecting this button will bring you to another page that will ask which user profiles you would like to activate.

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Select any of the user profiles that you would like to activate and then hit the blue button labeled “Activate Users”. This action will create access codes and send an email to all of the user profiles that you selected. You will then be returned to the active users list. Those users that you have activated will not show up on that list until they have actually registered their account.

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