Virtual PLCs – Staying Connected with Your Team

Whether face to face or online, PLCs are extremely beneficial as they help us maintain a focus on increasing student achievement, provide opportunities to analyze data, add strategies and resources to our pedagogical toolbox, and share information about what is and isn’t working, all in a safe collaborative setting.

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9 Tips for a Good Distance Learning Lesson Using Zoom

As a result of recent events, there is a strong need for virtual meetings to promote learning and keep in touch with our students. Zoom a perfect medium as it is free and easy to use. Here are some important tips on how to effectively conduct an online learning session with and for your students using Zoom. Switching to an online delivery format can seem overwhelming but we are going to focus on some basics that should have you up and running in no time and recording your lessons or holding virtual office hours with as little hassle as possible.

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Social Intelligence- A Crucial Skill for Success in Life

For most parents, teaching their children the “social graces” is an old school norm, a part of everyday parenting. “Social graces” is an old-fashioned idea. It was eventually replaced with the term “people skills” which has since been reinvented as social intelligence. Despite the transformation of the term, the concept remains powerful and essential to the success of an individual.

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Opening Doors to Success Through Physical Activity

The Athlos Athletic Curriculum (AAC) is a new and innovative approach to physical education. The curriculum acts as a framework that introduces new skills in a developmentally appropriate way and embeds opportunities for simultaneous social emotional growth for kids.

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