As we continue to navigate physical education at home, we are receiving more and more questions about “keeping kids on track” with physical activity, nutritional choices, and overall healthy habits.  Here at Athlos, we are continuing to put our heads together to find ways to support the needs of teachers and students during this time.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the 60 Minute Kids Club now through the end of May to provide a means of helping students and their families track their healthy habits!

For the months of April and May, the 60 Minute Kids Club healthy habit tracker is absolutely FREE! Starting April 1st, families will be able to monitor, set goals, and stay on track with all thing’s health and physical activity.  The Club offers a fun and user-friendly way to stay on top of sleep, screen time, hydration, nutrition, mental health, physical activity, and more!

The 60 Minute Kids Club also includes a library of videos showing a variety of FUNdamental movement skills. These videos demonstrate the developmental sequencing of different skills such as throwing, catching, balancing, running, dodging, and more! These videos are great for the whole family to reference and use for practice as you continue to stay active together as a family!

We are thrilled for this partnership and are certain it is going to be a beneficial tool and resource for you and your family!  For a more detailed look at the offering and to sign up to start tracking your family’s healthy habits click here!

April 1st is right around the corner! Sign up soon! And as always, please reach out with any questions or needed support. We are here to help!