A pivotal part of the holistic educational experience of young people is daily, quality, physical education. But if you are reading this post you likely already know that. Just like you are keenly aware of the myriad of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral benefits of regular movement, physical activity, and physical education. However, you are also likely to know and feel the constant burden of physical education and physical educators in vying for a spot at the table for “core course” or “necessary subjects.”

The battle for relevance and necessity has been waging for years. Admirably, PE teachers, PE programs, state Associations of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AHPERD), SHAPE America, and the occasional independent organizations fight the good fight. Through infographics, emails, newsletters, t-shirts, and word of mouth theses groups do their best to spread the word that PE is a necessity for our youth.

Through all these individual efforts, we find ourselves in the same scenario, dealing with the marginalization of physical education and decreased daily physical activity for our youth. Calling out from our silos hasn’t amounted to much. As a whole, we need to embrace the word WE. Imagine rowing a boat upstream. When it is just one person, it is quite difficult, if not, impossible. As we add people into the boat, we can get it to move a little easier! The more people, the more oars, the more effectively we can be to get the boat to move!

Now, it goes without saying that the oars need to be rowing in the same direction! This is often an issue that is faced when groups of people or organizations attempt to work together. However, when all groups have the same mission, the same goal, and work together, a lot of positives can come from it! When this happens, it is called collective impact. Many people speak of leading collective impact, but few do it as effectively and honorably than Active Schools.

Active Schools has partnered with many non- and for-profit organizations that all hope to increase opportunities for quality physical activity in schools. As part of this collective impact mission, Active Schools offers the ability of schools, teachers, parents, or administrators to join the fray by becoming an Active Schools Champion!

“Being an Active Schools Champion means joining a network of parents, schools, and partner organizations who are changing the way we prioritize physical activity in schools. It means making connections. It means accessing valuable resources. It means creating healthy habits in kids that last a lifetime.”

— activeschoolsus.org

So, if you want to officially be a part of a collective that is working to make a much needed and significant impact on our youth,
gain access to resources for schools and families, and receive exclusive offers from Active Schools partners, then